The newest yacht for Galapagos travel.

A state-of-the-art Sun- seeker Manhattan 74-foot motoryacht.




Galápagos, the enchanted islands

The Galápagos Islands is a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It’s considered one of the world’s foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing. A province of Ecuador, it lies about 1,000km off its coast.



Type of ship: State-of-the-art Sunseeker Manhattan 74-foot motoryatch

Class: Luxury

Capacity: 16 people

Spaces: 3 decks + lounges

Speed: 16 – 33 knots

Lenght overall: 22.60m / 742″



Book early, especially in high season, to ensure the best experiences.

Stay for longer: if you’re going to invest in the air-fare to the islands, plus the $100 entrance fee, make your money go further by staying longer.

In general, the better the yacht or cruise, the better the guide. So it’s worth investing more for a better experience.

Be careful with the sun! Since the Galapagos are on the Equator, the sun’s rays are particularly powerful.


What our clients say!

The go to choice when in Galapagos Windrose team is amazing, great service, great food and the trip itself is gorgeous. Definitely the "go to" choice. We had a blast and for sure will go back and travel with them again.
Alex Z
Alex Z
Memorable, luxurious trips. The Windrose yacht is a top choice which made a difference in our journeys. Truly first class yacht and service. Very professional crew. Took 2 trips on the Windrose to Bartolomé + Sullivan Bay and also to Seymour + Plaza. Hiking, snorkeling and memorable pictures and videos.
Kevin K
Kevin K
Best in class boat in Galapagos Booked a tour through GRUPO GALAPAGOS to Seymour Island Norte.Bus pick up was punctual and bus was clean, transferred to the Windrose which is a really luxurious motorboat, advised to be 77 feet long, it is huge.The boat moves at a pleasant pace and not like the fast inter island ferries which are not comfortable. The tour of Seymour Island Norte is superb, the wildlife is absolutely abundant. We didn't do the other tours this boat offered but despite their price we regret not doing them, for a special holiday, this boat is worth the extra cash. The food and service are superb.
Heidi H
Heidi H
Fantastic Day Cruise Experiences We took 2 day 1-day cruises on the Windrose. Excellent in every way, even though both days had all spots filled. Our guide, Fabrizio, was great, incredibly patient. Crew was fantastic, with very good meals and snacks. Yacht was in excellent condition (We did have to take shoes off, which was a bit of a hassle, but kept the boat clean). We saw and experienced more of the Galapagos geology and wildlife than we anticipated.I have to give a special review for Fernanda, who was our contact for booking the cruises. She patiently and efficiently answered all of my questions, giving extra assistance. I highly recommend Windrose. Their cruises are worth the price.
Horrible company say goodbye to your money. Horrible company canceled well in advance and was told 0 refund. I understand they cannot fill spots, but if boat never went out you did not pay for gas, food, crew etc. And partial refund d should be given. Company would not do anything. We even tried to reschedule of a different day and was told NO. Advice do NOT use this company or book in advance. No tour needs to be booked in advance. Book when you arrive for cheaper prices in person. Plenty of availability. They overcharge and rip you off.
Camila L
Camila L
One for the books I spent a day trip visiting Bartolome and Santiago islands with the Windrose crew. It was an unforgettable experience - not only because of the views and the activities but also the hospitality. The crew is incredibly nice and the comfort of their guests is their priority. The yacht was beautiful and very clean. Don't even get me started on the dessert.... still dream about it.... highly highly recommend. Last, the snorkel was awesome!! Lots of wildlife to see!
Fastest in the Galapagos This was the claim our tour guide made and it was indeed faster than one other yacht tour we took. But the best part about the Windrose is not the speed but the amenities. It had a lot of different seating options. You could sit inside, up high with the captain, in the stern or (the best option) in the bow on a comfortable family size mattress. Perhaps, even better than the seating was the private chef who created restaurant quality meals on both of our day tours. With a professional crew and captain, the Windrose would be my yacht of choice for a memorable Galapagos trip.
Julie L
Julie L
Magical Memories This was our third trip on The Windrose having completed the three different itineraries. Fast, well appointed yacht with friendly experienced crew. The chef creates wonderful lunches, and snacks. The professional hospitality makes for a magical experience! Our guide Xavier was most excellent and we have learned so much about the Galápagos. We love the Windrose and cherish all the memories our family have shared aboard this exceptional yacht! Ciao until the next time!
Two Amazing Day Trips aboard the Windrose Yacht We had wonderful experiences on both the Thursday Santa Fe + South Plaza and Saturday Bartolome Island + Sullivan Bay tours.The yacht itself is beautiful - sleek in design, comfortable, and fast. The captain and crew were professional, friendly, and concerned about each guest's experience. Alex, the chef, did an exceptional job. The lunch entree was delicious, filling, and different each day, plus snacks and cold drinks were offered after the excursions, which really hit the spot. The Santa Fe + South Plaza itinerary, while more expensive than other day trips, is well worth it as the only opportunity to visit 2 uninhabited islands in one day. There were 12 guests on our trip, which the yacht easily accommodated without feeling crowded. Our guide Julian was experienced, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. He explained the islands' formation, special features of each island, and all about the animals, birds, and plants we were seeing, while seamlessly switching back & forth between Spanish & English. He was happy to answer questions, and really seems to enjoy his job.On the Bartolome + Sullivan Bay itinerary, we had the yacht all to ourselves, which made the day even more special. On our way to Bartolome, the captain did a navigation past Daphne Island to see the frigate birds, nesting Nazca boobies, & sea lions. Because the Windrose is so fast, we were the first day trip boat to reach Bartolome, so we had time to navigate around in the dinghy looking for penguins (no luck) before going to the landing site. It was incredible to have the iconic Pinnacle Rock view without having to jostle for position with other tourists. We had Julian as our guide, and he again was full of information about the sites we were visiting. We snorkeled at two different sites on this trip and Julian's personal knowledge of the location really showed. The snorkels were excellent - spotted eagle rays, white-tipped reef sharks, and countless fish & starfish. After finishing up our 2nd snorkel on Sullivan Beach, we spent some time looking for penguins and were successful - a perfect end to our time at Bartolome.We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the Windrose, and appreciated getting to know the crew a little bit more on our "private" trip. If we are lucky enough to travel to the Galapagos Islands again, we will definitely take another trip on the Windrose.
Paulina Rodrigu... R
Paulina Rodrigu... R
Great experience on Windrose yacht - Galapagos islands This was an incredible yacht, super comfortable, fast, and the food was surprisingly excellent. I've never really been one to binge on luxurious vacations, but this was worth it. The snorkeling was really great and I felt safe with the boat nearby and the guides always looking out for us to make sure we stayed together. The snorkeling equipment was in really good condition and some others who were snorkeling in our group saw a shark! I was too busy watching a school of colorful tropical fish and didn't see it. The excursions in Santa Fe and Plazas islands were amazing, I could see sea lions, iguanas and great landscapes. The yacht itself makes you feel like you're on a luxury escape that costs thousands of dollars, like as if it was a private yacht just with me and my friends. We felt so free onboard, while navigating we were able to sit out on the front and soak up the sun. It was a really amazing experience overall and I don't think there's another experience that could top it!


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