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We bring travelers together to discover the world

We bring our broad experience, savoir-faire and love of the islands to this new chapter in Galapagos travel, creating day cruises that seek to show visitors more in less time.

Experts in all aspects of travel to the islands, we are happy to curate your experience of this amazing archipelago, from recommending hotels, activities, itineraries that include other islands, or moulding your time in the Galapagos to your particular interest or passion.



Get up later in the morning, spend less time in transit and get to the iconic visitor sites before most other yachts. With us, you spend more time discovering, learning and enjoying: what Galapagos travel was meant to be

Comfort, Speed, Experience 

Windrose is the newest yacht for Galapagos travel, a state-of-the-art Sunseeker Manhattan 74-foot motoryacht. She cruises at unprecedented speed, in wonderful comfort, with catering facilities on board for snacks and lunch, space for everyone to relax, passionate naturalist guide and dedicated crew.

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