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 Discover the islands enjoying our unique concept of traveling “Cruise & Stay”, inspired in a one-day cruise mode, where you will navigate at day and enjoy the life of the islands at night, having the chance to have a refreshing sleep, resting in comfortable accommodations in town. In this way, we are also glad and proud to support local economies.

Dear Friend,

Please carefully read this proposed itinerary, you will surely find important details such as: tentative schedules, as well as, level of difficulty, types of navigation, meals included, and other services. If you consider making changes or improvements to the below itinerary do not hesitate to contact us.

INCLUSIONS | What your journey prices includes:

• Accommodation in double rooms (standard)
• Meals: Breakfast and lunch. First day: lunch – Last day: breakfast.
• Land and Maritime transportation.
• All transfers.
• Bilingual naturalist guide (English,Spanish)
• Scheduled Visits
• WindRose – itinerary (shared service)


DAY 1 (monday) : Arrival Day - Baltra airport

Fly from Quito or Guayaquil. On arrival at Baltra’s airport, you’ll be met by our naturalist guide, who will accompany you on the transfer to Puerto Ayora. From the airport you take a bus to the Itabaca Canal where you head by ferry for the other side of the Island Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is the second largest island of the Archipelago. Puerto Ayora, the populated part of the island, is the most important Harbour of the Archipelago. On the way, there will be a stop to visit the Highlands.

After lunch at the harbour, continue to the hotel, where there’ll be a short break. Visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station, you will have the opportunity to see how the conservation of the islands is conducted, and understand the huge efforts that scientists, park rangers and park managers among others have to make to preserve this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

● Overnight at a Hotel on Santa Cruz Island.
● Lunch in town.

DAY 2 (tuesday): Birdwatching Life Experience

Without a doubt the best day for bird lovers. Marvel at the great red breast and love songs of frigates, blue footed boobies nesting, feeding their babies or just flying around, while pelicans patrol the coast in search of good food !.

Let the team WindRose do the rest!

WindRose Day Cruise Tour: North Seymour & Bachas Beach.

Activity level: Moderate
Tour style: Hiking & Snorkeling
Pick up: 7:30 am
Duration 7:30 AM – 17:00 pm approx.

North Seymour Island is a small land mass located an hour away from the Itabaca Channel on the northside of Santa Cruz. This rocky island is home of one the most impressive colonies of different species of animals. While exploring the island you will find Great frigate birds that during courtship they spend hours handing nesting materials to each other. While around you will encounter some blue footed boobies cleaning the ground and transporting some twigs here and there, but never actually construct a nest.

The area where the eggs are laid is marked by a ring of white guano. Heading along the shore, you traverse a wide expanse of sand criss-crossed with marine iguana trails. These reptiles nest here, so be careful where you tread. Some of the island’s finest waves pound a boulder beach on your left; young sea-lions often body-surf here. Looking west, there are good views of the two Daphne islands, Major and Minor. 

After a delicious lunch onboard The M/Y WindRose, we will head to Bachas Beach, a beautiful coralline beach. This is the perfect place for practicing snorkeling, swimming or to simply enjoy the white soft sand. Several brackish lagoons only a few steps away from the sea are the feeding grounds of various wading birds, from stilts to flamingos.

● Overnight at a Hotel on Santa Cruz Island.
● Lunch on board.

DAY 3 (wednesday): Iguana Life Experience

Without a doubt the best day for bird lovers. Marvel at the great red breast and love songs of frigates, blue footed boobies nesting, feeding their babies or just flying around, while pelicans patrol the coast in search of good food !.

Let the team WaindRose do the rest!

WindRose Day Cruise Tour: Plazas Is. & Santa Fe Is.

Without a doubt the best day for bird lovers. Marvel at the great red breast and love songs of frigates, blue footed boobies nesting, feeding their babies or just flying around, while pelicans patrol the coast in search of good food !.

Let the team WaindRose do the rest!

DAY 4 (thursday): Farewell .. Transfer out Baltra Airport

Important Information

● This itinerary can be tailored to you, just let our sales team know if you would like to make any changes.
● The itinerary is subject to change due to Galapagos National Park disposition.
● This is an active tour: you have to be fit (be used to hiking and swimming).
● This is not a relaxed tour. Early wake-ups are usual here on the Galapagos, to make the most of the day, as days are quite short (sunset is at 6 PM).

WindRose Yacht

Our WindRose Yacht is unbeatable, in fact its structure, itineraries, comfort, luxury and speed typical of a true Sunseeker make daily visits equal or better than in a conventional cruise. This combination of a daily cruise and the comfort of returning to land, enjoying the island and resting in comfortable hotels will allow you to enjoy all that Galapagos has to offer: the magnificence of its animal life on uninhabited islands and the opportunity to contribute to the local economy and live like an islander.

On board enjoy a carefully selected menu and snacks prepared by our chef. We suggest submitting information on dietary restrictions to be prepared!

Meals during your stay:

Depending on the hotel of your choice, it will be the type of breakfast, that basically consists of a delicious American breakfast combined with island flavors. In general, all meals during the tour are not “a la carte”, but menus. Please let us know any allergy/special diet you may have.

Hotel Selection

Committed to our service, we believe that an appropriate accommodation adds an authentic travel experience, as well as providing utmost enjoyment.

All our tours are based on standard rooms ranging from Luxury, Comfortable and Regular class hotels. Most of the chosen properties belong to families of local people who over the years have been striving and improving their buildings, in addition our local staff periodically makes inspections to guarantee the service.

This key will help you understand the levels of accommodation available on all our tours. However, you can always choose the class of hotels that you would prefer. We will indicate in advance which hotels are available for the dates of your trip and extra charges.


Our hand-picked, multilingual guides and tour escorts bring every destination to life, enhancing customer experiences with in-depth local knowledge and a professionalism
which is second to none. All fully licensed and with a proven track record of reliability, our experts customise their tours to match the interests and requirements of each individual group, ensuring they get the very best out of every destination. 

WindRose Staff

WindRose has a select team, from attentive and helpful WindRose crew members, professional guides, passionate and committed to Galapagos and YOU … and an efficient
Land Staff who will be in charge of informing you and coordinating all activities during your stay. In fact WindRose has its main operating office located in Puerto Ayora – Galapagos and its branch in Quito – Ecuador. Upon arrival, always our WR Staff will show up at your hotel
to welcome you, check again your circuit in detail, update pick up times, clear up your doubts and let you know that all the WR team will be aware of your stay.

Airline Tickets

The price of the tour does not include air tickets. We can help with booking your ticket, or you may book your own flights on your own. PLEASE TAKE INTO ACCOUNT which sland you will arrive and leave from, and if you choose to book your own flight please try to book your arrival in the morning (before 11 am) and your departure in the afternoon (11:30 am or after) so that you will not miss any part of the tour. You can book your flight through either TAME, AEROGAL, LAN.


See More! Live More!

Get the most out of your Galapagos travel experience as you sail from island to island aboard our luxury yacht. Thanks to our truly unique operation, you can explore two islands in one day – a first in the history of Galapagos travel, slashing travel time between islands by more than half! Sailing with Windrose is what Galapagos travel was meant to be.

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