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Sunday: Seymour & Plazas - THE PERFECT MATCH

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North Seymour Island is a small land mass located an hour away from the Itabaca Channel on the north side of Santa Cruz. This rocky island is home of one the most impressive colonies of different species of animals. While exploring the island you will find Great frigate birds that during courtship they spend hours handing nesting materials to each other. While around you will encounter some blue footed boobies cleaning the ground and transporting some twigs here and there, but never actually construct a nest. The area where the eggs are laid is marked by a ring of white guano. Heading along the shore, you traverse a wide expanse of sand criss-crossed with marine iguana trails. These reptiles nest here, so be careful where you tread. Some of the islands's finest waves pound a boulder beach on your left; young sea-lions often body-surf here. Looking west, there are good views of the two Daphne islands, Major and Minor

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